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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 1 / 2002  

Authors:  C. CORPADE, C. BODEA.
  Abstract:  Alternatives in neutralisation and storage of solid waste in urban environment. In this material our attention focuses on some practices through which man interferes in the environmental "metabolism". In this sense, nowadays, the municipal solid waste (MSW) represent a primordial example, taking into account the remarkable extention of the cities. The present concerns are aiming towards the development of some technologies of neutralisation of these municipal solid waste, having as final purpose a minor impact upon the environment. At the same extent, we are also preoccupied about the revalorification of the energy stocked in these waste. In the process of choosing one of the variants proposed for refusal administration (storage in landfills, incineration processes etc.) are taken into account the aspects of financial rentability, efficiency, but also the effects of these on the environmental quality. This last aspect will have priority in our paper, having been taken as examples the situations of some very well developed countries (USA, Japan, West European countries) as well as the yielding of these technologies to Romania.  
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