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    STUDIA EPHEMERIDES - Issue no. 1 / 2006  

  Abstract:  This paper is centered upon the ever-problematic issue of the writers` political engagement, with a particular accent on the engaged literary, journalistic and political activity of Vasile Gogea. After a brief introduction treating the particular aspects of political engagement over the centuries throughout Europe and especially in (post)communist Romania, the paper presents those paricular aspects which detach Gogea from the mass of the Romanian writers that have often given up all personal opinions in favour of those prreached by the political regime in power during their activity. A genuine model of moral verticality, he was the one to accurately relate the events of Brasov, on the 15th of November 1987, events that were nothing more than the prologue to the 1989 Romanian Revolution. During the post-decembrist period, Gogea preached the same model of engagement that he has always fully embraced, and which one could characterize as twofold: existential, which endangered his own life more than once, and literary, trough his own writings. The "cause" of vasile Gogea is, ultimately, individual liberty, doubled by the liberty of thought and that of action, all of these described, written upon and cherished, thanks to his never-tiring literary creation and publishing activity.  
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