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    STUDIA DRAMATICA - Issue no. 1 / 2019  

  Abstract:  What is the difference between dance theatre and physical theatre? What kind of vocabulary best describes this theatrical field which is so difficult to define in words? As a doctoral student, the necessity of explaining the creative layers - those abstract elements an artist works with - encouraged taking the decision to talk about movement through the vocabulary of choreological studies. First, this scholarly study of dance offers a valuable terminology for every researcher or practitioner in the performative arts area. Secondly, it separates the perspectives from which movement and ideas can be referred to: the creator''s initial intention, the performer''s embodiment of the material and the spectator''s interpretation of the work. Finally, the best way to discuss about movement is to see it. Therefore, making references to different dance works is an essential perspective which gives an efficient tool for understanding the ways in which movement communicates.

Keywords: choreology, dance, movement, choreography, vocabulary, creator, performer, spectator
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